Zack Wood

Zack's GPS Correspondence posts will alternate between original scores for physical games (recipes) and writings/image of physical game events he visits throughout Europe (reports)

Zack Wood (Berlin) has been gathering physical games in physical form as "recipes" in the "Cookbook of Play." Each recipe is a game he has run at least once, some original creations and some tweaked versions of others' games. One could also call them folk games, street games, guidelines for physical play, or team-building exercises, but he thought "recipe" was a nice metaphor since recipes also require tweaking depending on a person's kitchen and personal tastes. He has been presenting and performing these recipes wherever he can, including at indie game events, street games festivals, and the physical game meet-up he runs in Berlin each month. 


Zack is a physical game designer, play facilitator and playful performer...which is all kinda the same thing, since playing physical games involves at least a little game design and usually ends up making for a good performance. But Zack's "games" are more about open-ended play and exploration of the unknown than they are about rigid rules, game mechanics, or winning and losing. Also, Zack thinks figuring out how to play more and more playfully might be just what we need these days. He's from Athens, Georgia, USA and is based in Berlin, Germany.



GPS Correspondents diligently report their findings back to GPS from different cities and situations around the world. 

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