Report: Surrender
Monday, July 31, 2017
By Greensboro Project Space

Surrender, a game about sensation made at Lyst Game Jam in spring 2015


I made Surrender in 2015 with my group at Lyst, a “summit” and game jam about love, sex and romance in games. That year it took place on an island in Finland where we camped for three days.


 You can see in the pictures that the game involves two people touching the arms of one person who has their eyes closed. The rules are explained in more detail on the site we made to share the game:surrenderthegame.wordpress.com


The thing about Surrender is that, the games I usually make are very loose and simple - the rules are meant to be changed and the real goal is just to have light-hearted fun.


Surrender, on the other hand, can be a little intense. It requires a special setting and for the rules to be explained and followed very carefully, but when it goes well it can be a really special experience. The highly structured and somewhat intense nature of the game also makes it good for sharing at festivals (since it is a focused and self-contained experience with a clear start and end and often interesting conversations afterwards).



So far we’ve presented it at the Playful Arts Festival in the Netherlands, JOIN Local Multiplayer Summit in Berlin and IndieCade: Europe, where it was one of the official selections for the showcase.





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