Saturday April 29th 3-6pm

Come join the Greensboro community as we engage in a collaborative tasking event!  

 TASK was originally created by artist Oliver Herring, who has developed it to be a self-generating improvisational event that takes place around the world.  

 TASK participants will be provided simple materials like cardboard, tape, aluminum foil, cloth, foam and other goods as they follow a simple set of rules: write a task for someone to complete and then randomly select a task to perform yourself. You can write and take as many tasks as you would like.  

Tasks can range and possibilities are endless..."Build a castle and defend it." "Elevate yourself four feet." "Sing someone a lullaby." This is a place for a group of people to play, innovate, collaborate, test and invent with one another and their surroundings!




Drawn Together
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Drawn Together

Friday February 7th from 6pm - 8pmAn exhibition featuring the following visual artists: Gabrielle Edwards Alexandra GaalMegan Gottfried Moriah GraySydney LeeDemond LeaErika LowranceZeph LuckJessyca PremoMadison Ringelberg Subrina ThomTrey VanterpoolLauren Willard   

re-mapping: traversing the imperfect language
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Drawn Together

continuous performance: 1/27 1-3pm1/28 4-7pm1/29 4-7pm1/30 4-7pm   re -mapping: traversing the imperfect language explores intersections between languages- of the body, of drawing, of mapping.The self creates the map and the map leads the self .Moments of listening and explorations of line open space between memory and the present.I use my body as a unit of measure and as means of orienting in and navigating spaces. Alexandra Litaker ́s artistic work is grounded in a personal experience of movement and migration and is motivated by a desire to investigate relationships between place, ecology and identity. She is interested in exploring the parameters of women ́s ...

Remembering American History: Red, Black + White
Friday, January 17, 2020
Drawn Together

 February 27, 7pm The Clarice Young Project celebrates Black History Month by remembering forgotten people and their stories. We are investigating the way black culture makes the world go ‘round. Performers will include Francine E. Ott, Maurice Watson, Clarice Young and students from UNC Greensboro. “In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.” -Toni Morrison 

Greensboro Contemporary Jewish Museum
Monday, January 13, 2020
Drawn Together

February 20th – March 13th, 2020 Where everyday objects, story, and Judaism intersect. People of all faiths and identities are invited to see and hear about the objects that activate contemporary Jewish identity in Greensboro today. By UNCG Jewish Studies Program Artist-in-Residence, Shoshana Gugenheim KedemIn collaboration with: The University of North Carolina Greensboro Jewish Studies Program, Religious Studies Department, School of Visual and Performing Arts and Greensboro Project Space. Community collaborators include: B’nai Shalom Jewish Day School, Scuppernong Books, Temple Beth David and Greensboro Jewish FederationWhat can serve as an emerging model of a contemporary ...

Horn Blast: Halcyon Blue
Monday, December 02, 2019
Drawn Together

by Max BaynesDecember 3rd - 6thOpening Reception: December 6th, 6pm - 8pm  Interpreting sonic commotion into a visual language is the jumping-off point for my artistic practice. Be-bop jazz and other loud, abrasive music is hugely influential to the way I play with the interaction of forms. The name of this show is derived from the juxtaposition between chaotic sound and serene calm. This balance is a concept I explore in my sculptures and paintings. I find steel and paint, especially acrylic, on canvas to be the most apt media for these investigations. There are few materials that have as much potential for spontaneous attack and improvisation as welded steel. With it, I strive ...