They Don't Call It Catching
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
By Greensboro Project Space

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They Don't Call It Catching is a meditative reflection on trauma and fishing. Each hook that is clipped is one less weapon in the world. One less trap for a trout to fall prey to. Each hook that is clipped is a minor reflection of fish once caught, and the damage done. One less future moment of struggle and pain. Each hook that is clipped is a minor victory. One less cut on a landscape that has befallen death by a thousand cuts. 

Spencer Byrne-Seres

Spencer Byrne-Seres is an artist and culture-worker based in Portland, Oregon, where he is seeking his MFA in Social Practice at Portland State University in addition to serving as the Exhibitions Director at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. In addition Spencer runs a socially engaged art book imprint called Sunday Painter Press, and co-directs and artist residency for prisoners at the Columbia River Correctional Institution in North Portland.

Spencer's activities include woodworking, art administration, and curatorial project management for museums, non-profits, commercial galleries, colleges, small alternative spaces. Spencer makes research-based and socially-engaged projects that look at the intersection of broad systems with the daily and the personal. As a collector of anecdote and abstract cartographer, Spencer's work weaves together Yelp reviews, critical theory, 30 Under 30 lists, fake newspapers, and protests to highlight how we are affected by institutions and perspectives of power.
More of his work can be found at spencerbyrne-seres.info, sundaypainter.press, and crci.art
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