The Body Project
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
By Greensboro Project Space


 March 2nd, 5:45pm



Storyhound Theatre and UNCG's Art Truck - Project One Art launched an experiment - to bring together more than three dozen Greensboro artists working in six forms to unmake the body and investigate what it is to be human.

Each of these artists, among them poets, filmmakers, theatre-makers, dancers, composers is working INDEPENDENTLY for a little more than three months, creating new work engaging with one of the four HUMORS of the body - phlegm, black bile, yellow bile, and blood, and their connected temperaments - phlegmatic, melancholic, choleric, and sanguine.

In the evening of March 2, part of GREENSBORO FIRST FRIDAY, they'll bring their work TOGETHER, transforming Greensboro Project Space for one night into a living breathing body.

Running order is TBA. Below are our incredible collaborators. 

PHLEGM (Phlegmatic)
MOVEMENT - Melot Ayalew
THEATRE - Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow 
POETRY - Brian Lampkin
MUSIC - Shelley Stolaroff Segal
FILM - Brinson Langley
VISUAL ART - Linda Kent, Chanel Webster, Zora Meder, RJ Hooker 

BLACK BILE (Melancholic)
MOVEMENT/THEATRE - Benja S Newnam & Denise Gabriel(Collaborating)
THEATRE - M.A.T.T. (Tori Galloway Stern)
POETRY - Kathy Goodkin
MUSIC - Tyson Ca
FILM - Cari A Hopson
VISUAL ART - Melinda Morgenstern, Margot L. HorneyJenny Jones BRachel York

YELLOW BILE (Choleric)
MOVEMENT - Christine Kiernan Fisher
THEATRE - The Phoenix Theater Company (Jessica Nunn)
POETRY - Ashley R. Lumpkin
MUSIC - Julie Milligan Hughes
FILM - Imani Thomas
VISUAL ART - Judy GlazierPhoenix Mangus, Jessica Wilkins + Susan Kirby-Smith (collaborating), Spencer Stephenson

BLOOD (Sanguine)
MOVEMENT - Madeline Saintsing
THEATRE - Scrapmettle (Kerri Mubaarak)
POETRY - Michelle Rosquillo
MUSIC - Cynthia James
FILM - Harvey Robinson
VISUAL ART - Angela Aguigui Justin WaltonJanay GreenBrian MullinsAdnama Trebies

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