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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
By Greensboro Project Space

Upcoming Classes:

April 17th, 7pm - 9pm

This class will cover all aspects of preparing and presenting compelling stories. We will use Kendal Haven's Eight Elements of Effective Stories from his book Story Smart as touchstones for the classes (see below), which will be highly interactive. Participants will be expected to contribute during every class. After a few months we will be able to host a storytelling evening with stories created during the class. All classes will be free of charge, but participants may want to purchase copies of the books that are used in the course. Participants are encouraged to attend multiple classes, but this is not a requirement of participation.


The Eight Elements of Effective Stories

1. A main character with whom the audience identifies

2. The character traits of that character that make him or her interesting

3. The goal that the main character is trying to achieve

4. The character's motive in trying to achieve that goal

5. The conflicts & problems that the character faces that keep him/her from reaching his/her goal

6. The risks & dangers the character faces in accomplishing his/her goal

7. The struggles the character undergoes in response to the risks & dangers that he/she faces

8. Details - adding details to any or all of the above gives the story richness and makes it come alive

Recommended books


Storytelling and the Art of Imagination by Nancy Mellon. 2003. Cambridge, MA: Yellow Moon Press

Story Smart by Kendall Haven. 2014. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited



About the teacher: Bruce Kirchoff is a Professor of Biology at UNCG. He won the UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching, the highest post-secondary teaching award in NC, has studied scientific communication at the Alan Alda Center, and storytelling with NC storyteller Louise Kessel.


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