Report: Ways of Playing
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Tuesday, September 05, 2017
By Greensboro Project Space

A physical game meet-up in Berlin, 2016 - present


With all the fun I was having at physical game events, I started to wish there was a regular event in Berlin where I could try out new games and just enjoy playing around with people.


Finding a space for events can be hard in Berlin, so I started just playing games in a park in summer. In fall when it started to get cold someone offered to let us use her community event space, and we’ve been holding it there once a month ever since.


Each month we choose a theme and I bring a bunch of games (looking online if I need ideas) and invite people to bring their own games. Usually around 5-7 show up. Sometimes we make up new games on the spot, and other times games transform into something different as we play them. It’s very laid back (maybe TOO laid back?!), but the main goal for me is just to have fun and play around together...and maybe learn some fun, new physical games in the process!

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