This Wall Talks
Sunday, July 09, 2017
By Greensboro Project Space

A Community Art Project with Jaclyn Bowie in Collaboration with Local Poets


Love Letters/Poems to the City in UNCG Art Truck

RESCHEDULED FOR July 7th, 7:30pm - 10pm


This Wall Talks

The public is invited to share, listen, and engage in a hands-on, low tech, high energy multimedia performance taking place on the lawn and exterior wall of GPS. Together, using the wall, overhead projectors, fragmented text, and paper silhouettes, we will ignite visual conversation. Topics include, but are not limited to, resistance and persistence when facing oppression. Poems and short stories will be read and their words will literally be placed in the hands of the community, to be visually rearranged and projected onto the wall in combination with hand-cut silhouettes by Jaclyn Bowie. The images and words may support each other, or complicate each other. You, the community, are the directors and this is your project! 

Jaclyn Bowie is a multimedia artist based in the triangle. Her passion is using art as a tool to build community, inspire collaboration, and ignite personal growth. Jaclyn has exhibited her work throughout the southeast and has been supported by public commissions, grants and residencies. Born in High Point, NC, Jaclyn received a BFA from Appalachian State University in 2011.


Love Letters/Poems to the City an initiative of the Greensboro Mural Project


Where: Greensboro, NC, each of the 5 districts

What: Poetry & Love Letter creation and collection from all 5 districts, a downtown gallery viewing of all the writings, and the instillation of 1 mural in each district totaling 5 murals overall.

Impact: Connect the 5 districts, meet people where they are and bring them together downtown, honor and highlight the uniqueness of each district

How: In partnership with the Visual Poetry Project, and the UNCG Art Truck, we will be doing outreach the the residents of Greensboro in each of the 5 districts. We will have a presence at community events, public libraries, city council meetings, and pop-up locations with the art truck. At each event we will engage those present by getting them to write love poems or letters to the city. We will track the district and poets, to be able to invite them to the gallery showing and the mural creation in their district. Once we have collected an equitable number of writings from each district we will host a gallery showing in downtown Greensboro of all the writings collected across the city, with preselected readings throughout the event. During the event 5 poets, 1 for each district, will be processing the content for poems and creating a poem inspired by the resident poets of that district. These final mega-amalgamation poems will be installed in each districts as one final curated piece, connecting the city through our love for it.

Why: Greensboro is a beautiful city, with so many assets. From a rich history, a linguistically diverse community ( over 100 languages are spoken in our public schools), a tradition of social justice and progressivism, and true ingenuity, Greensboro is a city to be loved. We want to engage the residents of Greensboro in sharing the many reasons we love Greensboro, the home we build together. By highlighting the creativity and reasons to love Greensboro through the creation of poems we are aiming at engaging people in their homes, drawing them together in the downtown space, and then back to create in their communities, to be connected with all the murals across the city for one large installation based on our love for Greensboro.

Kids Poetry Basketball


Kids Poetry Basketball will be selling their coloring books and telling us about their incredible organization during This Wall Talks!

The mission of Kids Poetry Basketball is to help youth ages 4-13 develop creative and critical thinking skills and enhance literacy through the use of poetry and athletics to build self-esteem and self-awareness. Our goal is to also encourage kids to live a healthy lifestyle through physical play and healthy eating to combat childhood obesity.

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