The Language is Asleep
Tuesday, February 11, 2020
By Greensboro Project Space

February 3rd - 7th

Participatory Performance: February 4th, 5pm - 7pm


Hostile, divisive politics has exhausted language. A lot of shouts, a lot of tweets, press conferences as scripted performance or not bothered with at all, protests that can’t untangle mixed messages, fake news passing as real news and real news attacked as fake. Language needs to sleep—and to dream. In the performance installation, “The Language Is Asleep,” poet and performer Chris Vitiello creates an interactive space to rejuvenate language. The GPS gallery walls and floor will be covered with dictionary pages with one-line poems, which visitors can take or add to at a writing station. Serving as an avatar for the sleeping language, Vitiello will inhabit the installation on Tuesday, February 4th, 5pm - 7pm, writing poems continuously in a dictionary, tearing out the pages, and giving them to visitors.

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