Post-It Community
Thursday, November 21, 2019
By Greensboro Project Space

"Post-It Community" by Kannah Ysabelle Wong & Sophie Lucas


Inspired by the desire for a more interconnected community within our city, this piece was intended for the people of Downtown Greensboro to take a closer look at each other by spending time 'studying' one another through sketching. Weeding through the streets of Downtown Greensboro, we approached groups of people of different relationships and asked for their involvement with an art project. We gave the participants a post-it and a marker, as well at 50 seconds to capture the image of their partner. Along with their permission, many sketches were documented by a live video recording of their engagement.


The results of the experiment were interesting because although the goal was to create a connection with one another, the actuality of the project showed that people rarely looked at each other, but really just based their drawings off memory, in addition to a few glances. Some participants were hesitant to get involved at the start, but fortunately we documented numerous laughs and smiles all throughout their sketching process. Although the experiment may not have gotten community members closer in the way we originally planned, the memory of a joyful and humorous engagement for a small project may have just been enough to create the connection we were looking for.




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