People Teaching People: GPS Dance Classes
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Friday, September 09, 2016
By Greensboro Project Space

People Teaching People

During the South End Stage at the Folk Festival

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Folk traditions evolve and emerge over time from people teaching people. The Folk Festival celebrates the music, dance, and art that have become cultural traditions. Much like a virus, ideas and cultural traditions spread through person-to-person transmission. This is why folk traditions from different places around the world are so unique.


Over time, technology has made traveling the world possible – at a faster and faster rate. The GPS is wondering how today’s technology, specifically YouTube, is changing the way Folk Traditions evolve.


GPS has curated a YouTube program in which “people are teaching people”.


Come experience these DANCE lessons from around the world and explore the past, present, and future of Folk.


GPS Dance Classes




8:00pm Macarena
8:30pm Gangnam Style
9:00pm Hotline Bling
9:30pm Watermelon Crawl
10:00pm Thriller
10:30pm Irish Step Dance
11:00pm YMCA




2:00pm Cha Cha Slide
2:30pm Hand Jive
3:00pm Soulja Boy
3:30pm Jump On It
4:00pm Single Ladies
4:30pm Electric Slide
5:00pm Whip/Nae Nae

8:00pm Dougie
8:30pm Cupid Shuffle
9:00pm Running Man
9:30pm Breakdancing
10:00pm Line Dancing
10:30pm Waltz 



2:00pm The Robot
2:30pm Wobble
3:00pm Dab
3:30pm Moonwalk
4:00pm Hit the Quan
4:30pm Salsa
5:00pm Tango


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