Ori Alon
Friday, October 28, 2016
By Greensboro Project Space

               GPS Portal Lecture Series

Wednesday, October 26, 6:00 pm  - 7:30 pm


Ori Alon is the founder of the Center for Supportive Bureaucracy and the Empowering Clerks Network. As Ori writes, "The Center for Supportive          Bureaucracy (CSB) believes that paperwork can heal (some) of human suffering. Too often these conventional pieces of paper leave people feeling disempowered. One bad report card can influence one’s whole life negatively." To turn the concept of paperwork on its head, Ori has created the Refurbished Report Card, the Forgiver's License, the Open Carry Permit for Musical Instruments, and many more documents available to the public. Ori engages with a variety of audiences, recently bringing his paperwork to a Trump rally. Ori is also a writer of short stories and comics. 






GPS Portals Lecture Series

The artist lecture and workshop series at the Greensboro Project Space will feature doers and makers from outside of Greensboro. Through a projected skype sessions, we are presenting a wide variety of movers and shakers in social practice and community engagement. The speakers will range from practicing artists to community leaders who have a passion to share with the public. Join us for engaging talks, interactive workshops, and opportunities to connect with incredible artists from around the world.

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