New Naturalism by Jennifer Meanley
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017
By Greensboro Project Space

June 2nd - June 18th

Opening - June 2nd, 6pm - 9pm
Artist Talk - RESCHEDULED for June 16th, 6pm

This is an exhibition of paintings and collages from the past three years. These works, often epic in size, are intensely colorful and lush materially. Worlds within worlds flourish here, as does my desire to actualize the highest ambitions of my imagination.

My work details the residual constitutions (frameworks or armatures) of abandoned instances of intense feeling, which produce themselves visually as conjectured bodies and faces. These are earnestly drawn instances of encounter between imagined individuals, interjected as a cognitive and emotional interference, within the coherence of ‘my’ present moment. In the work, which is highly personal, I seek to substantiate these otherwise vacated ‘ghost-towns’.

Drawing is an action that I constantly engage, both as a visual and as a sensory experience. Drawing begins with the kinetic activity of simple movement in space, and extends into the realm of receptive observation. It is situated in nature, and it serves to substantiate nature within my body and mind as a space of reflection, feeling, reaction and imagination, and as my closest ally. Whether drawing is directed through the activities of: walking; exploring; my receptivity to sound; the elements of the weather; or to the sensations of sight and touch, it is most finally directed as a method for embodying the essential aspects of a made image.

As a reclamation of an embodied order, or substance, from the chaos and excess that I envision the past to be, my work serves as a bulwark, allowing me a suitable container for parts of myself unresolved (possibilities that remain fallow and/or unexplored). These bodies (figures) serve as atavistic landmarks, while still allowing freedom of thought, interpretation, and importantly, forward motion, in the constant mapping of a larger emotional and symbolic landscape. Performative in nature, the work commandeers the ‘real, or physical’ from the immateriality of shadowy perception, and in doing so, because I author it, situates me securely within the turbulence of my own imagination, without any longer being susceptible to anxieties spurred by the slippages of time lost.

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