Missing Parts
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
By Greensboro Project Space

by Sydney Lee and Rachael Hayes

December 3rd - 14th

Opening: December 7th 6 - 8pm




Missing Parts is inspired by concepts pioneered by Fluxus, an experimental art community from the 1960’s, and is an allusion to the book Grapefruit, written by member Yoko Ono in 1964. Playing on the experience-based performances of Fluxus, we challenge members of our community to act on ideas of self-imposed emotional restrictions. Missing Parts is rooted in the concept of authority, presented in the form of commands.

Our commands demand action from participants, whether personal or private, to foster vulnerability and connection.  They are an attempt to provide our participants with an opportunity to give themselves permission to feel and embrace elements of the human condition shared by many, but rarely openly addressed. Missing Parts is an attempt to build a community through shared experience, understanding, and vulnerability. 

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