MFA Thesis: Sherrill Roland
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Monday, April 24, 2017
By Greensboro Project Space


The Jumpsuit Project by Sherrill Roland

April 18th - May 13th

'AFTER THE WAKE UP' is an interactive art installation, upstairs at the Greensboro Project Space, that will have viewers physically carve into the walls, support columns and window frames. While Sherrill was incarcerated in Washington, DC, he painted the vacant cells before new inmates were moved in. He discovered carvings on, underneath and behind surfaces that were left behind. It was a small gesture to leave a mark in a place that was created to hide you from society. Even after he painted over those surfaces, the marks were not entirely erased. 
At the Greensboro Project Space, Sherrill invites visitors to participate in leaving their own marks. The visitors will use handmade tools to carve their answers, on designated surfaces, in response to questions that Sherrill wrestles with everyday while wearing an orange jumpsuit. 


Photographs by Todd Turner

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