Kate Short
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Sunday, October 02, 2016

GPS Portals Lecture Series

Wednesday, September 28th 6pm - 7:30pm

Kate Short


Inspired by the acoustics of intimate spaces such as churches as well as the physical effects of low frequency noise, Kate Lee Short’s auditory installations envelope the listener within unexpectedly intimate surroundings. Her work alludes to the architecture of sacred spaces, the field of neuroacoustics and a long lineage of minimalist sculpture that implicates the body.


An artist who insists on subtlety, Kate’s works alternatively delivers seductive comfort and opposing feelings of unease by working with the way we as humans subconsciously use sound to process our surroundings. In keeping with Donald Judd’s monumental minimalist interventions her bold sculptures command the entirety of space they inhabit.

GPS Portals Lecture Series

The artist lecture and workshop series at the Greensboro Project Space will feature doers and makers from outside of Greensboro. Through a projected skype sessions, we are presenting a wide variety of movers and shakers in social practice and community engagement. The speakers will range from practicing artists to community leaders who have a passion to share with the public. Join us for engaging talks, interactive workshops, and opportunities to connect with incredible artists from around the world.

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