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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
By Greensboro Project Space

Crisis Averted!
Kate Robinson and Julia Caston

Scavenger Walk
Monday, June 20th 6pm - 7pm

Gallery Open -  Participate in project and to see progress of installation!

Tuesday - Friday, June 20th - 24th 4pm - 6pm

Pot Luck 
Saturday, June 25th 6pm - 9pm


Kate Robinson and Julia Caston are joining forces to create an immersive, maze-like installation made from suspended structures of everyday scrap material. This collaboration belies their mutual interest in creating wonderment, while bringing attention to the environmental implications of the debris that humans create. The artwork will include a host of scattered, ceramic gold poops which the audience can attempt to to count in order to win a prize turd

Scavenger Walk
Join the artists on a treasure hunt! Help collect bits and bobs and odds and ends around Greensboro to be part of the installation, "Crisis Averted!" The walk will last one hour, and will meet at the Greensboro Project Space at 6:00 pm on Monday. Please wear comfortable shoes; collection bags will be provided. Also, please feel free to bring your unwanted junk to donate.

Please bring a dish or drink to share for the official final viewing of the "Crisis Averted!" installation. You will have a chance to explore and interact with the art and listen to music, and talk to the artists. Also, if you can count the number of ceramic gold poops in the installation correctly, you win one!  



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