GPS Band Practice: Open Fields
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016
By Greensboro Project Space

October 9th, 7pm - 9pm

GPS is excited to have Open Fields from Little Rock, Arkansas participate in our on-going project, GPS Band Practice.


Open Fields are green places without fences, the pull between magnets of opposite polarity, blank spaces inviting you to tell what you know, the energy around people whose minds are ready to change and grow.

The primary common denominator of the group is a deep appreciation of The Beatles' art. Accordingly, the band's defining characteristic is, without a doubt, the painstakingly polished, 4-part harmony prevalent in each song. The members' other influences are many and diverse, yielding a refreshingly original result, difficult not to enjoy!

GPS Band Practice

BAND PRACTICE invites local bands to use the GPS as a practice space. The public is invited to hear these bands work out their material. Keep in mind, these bands are not performing for you - but using the space to work out their sets and write new songs.

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