Erich Richter
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Monday, October 31, 2016
By Greensboro Project Space

Mirant Stella - a celestial interlude and smart mob

October 5th – October 31st, 2016


Performance and Artist Talk
Wednesday, October 5th 6pm - 8pm



GPS & The Forge Presents Art and Tech Talk
Friday, October 7th 5pm - 6pm


Opening and Dance Party
Friday, October 7th 6pm - 9pm


Visitors are invited to engage via text message with a constellation of speakers where they describe their vision of a distant future.  The messages are translated thorough a series of randomly chosen languages and vocalized back to them. Elsewhere in the gallery the ‘comet’ is observing, projecting images and ideas from the conversation and gradually building visual collage. It becomes a living document of our collective hopes and fears. Viewers are invited to raise their phones once again to participate in a loosely scripted smart mob performance, guided by the comet herself.

X class comets are rogue heliospheric bodies of ice and cosmic dust whose path is unpredictable or unknown. Historically their drop-in visits have inspired both awe and panic. They also offer us a collective moment to look both inward and outward. Mirant Stella is a crowd-made construction of apocalyptic vision, a comet in the making and a reflection on the civilization we have built. Like an icy snowball it accumulates material from its visitors; a comet’s life in reverse and a document of a far-flung future we haven’t begun to imagine.


Erich Richter

Erich Richter is a California based installation and performance artist. His works explore how we appropriate the tools of intellectual production and how they influence our spirit and the spirit of civilization. Recent works include poetry derived from online language translation, sonic environments focused on issues of individuality and spirit, and participatory theatre. His works can be raucous and playful, contemplative and personal, always palpable and material. He is a California College of the Arts alumni, a programmer, craftsman, a student of composing and arranging for film and theatre, former co-director and curator at Some Thing Spacious gallery, currently a member of Berkeley based Artist and Scientist collective, and a member of the Oakland based experimental sound and performance group Object in Object.


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