Derek Toomes: July 22nd - 29th
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Monday, July 25, 2016
By Greensboro Project Space
This installation will be ongoing from July 22nd - July 29th. Viewers are invited to observe the exhibition's transformation and to enjoy its sunsets.

Early Sun-Sets
Friday July 22nd, 3-5pm

Music Performance w/ Mike Geary + Joe Grillo + HOUSEFIRE
Sunday July 24th, 3-5pm 
Sun-Sets and Music Performance with SPCL GST
Wednesday July 26th, 6-8pm 


GPS and The Forge Presents: Derek Toomes and Eric Norman
at The Forge
Friday July 29, 6-7pm 

Last Chance Sun-Sets
Friday July 29, 7-9pm 

Outside In by Derek Toomes

This work brings together several inquires into experience, rooted both in nature and humanity, and explored through technological interfaces.Though technology is the medium, my hope is that the specificity and intimacy of these encounters is amplified for the individual viewer, as well as shared collectively. 

Derek Toomes is an artist based in Raleigh, NC. Derek is drawn to the iconic imagery of popular culture, as he is equally interested our societal location as a culture inundated by imagery. His sourcing as well as appropriation of images allows Derek to create work that is aesthetically and anthropologically situated within culture, while also commenting on that culture. His images, videos, and kinetic objects are both: self aware, and art aware, as they operate as contemporary atavistic viewing experiences. He is currently the Digital Director and an MFA candidate at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

"In my most recent work, the use of technology as visual medium, has largely guided my manipulation of materials and space, resulting in temporal and kinetic objects and forms. Technology allows for me to continue my interests in the pairing of a pictorial content, with that of an experiential content, one that is largely sensory, operating as an intervention in viewing space and in time. The work on view here, represents a proto-step or stage in my development toward the use of a full technological palette."   -  Derek


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