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Monday, July 18, 2016

This Tuesday at 8pm GPS BAND PRACTICE is excited to host Citizen Shade.

BAND PRACTICE invites local bands to use the GPS as a practice space.  The public is invited to hear these bands work out their material. Keep in mind, these bands are not performing for you - but using the space to work out their sets and write new songs.

Learn more about Citizen Shade!

Video of Band Practice at GPS





Citizen Shade’s debut pop-soul EP, One for the Evening, is out now. Fronted by 25-year-old North Carolina native Will Howard alongside David Lezcano on keys and drummer Seth Titus, the trio’s fresh take on modern pop has quickly captured an audience of over 35,000 fans on social media. "This EP is the crossroads of both pop/rock and classical/jazz musicians. It makes us proud to be in a musical space where all of those elements are possible,” says Howard of the band's distinct sound and effort to break new ground in traditional Top 40. With a unique, smokey tone and remarkable four-octave range, Howard's vocals have drawn comparison to the soul of John Legend and the conviction of Adele. Listen to One for the Evening in its entirety HERE.

2016 HIP HOP MASHUP - Citizen Shade & Kenz Citizen Shade

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