GPS Kiosks

Coming Soon!

GPS recently received a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro to launch a project titled GPS Kiosks, which will attract new community members to Greensboro Project Space (GPS) and function as a creative marketing strategy to build local awareness and reach non-traditional arts participants.

In lieu of traditional channels to reach the broadest audience in Greensboro, we are going to the streets to create a new model for public engagement. GPS Kiosks will be located throughout different communities in Greensboro to facilitate outreach to a wide audience. Each kiosk will invite participation from the community, and will create outlets for a large subset of the local public to interact with GPS. 

GPS Kiosks will be free standing, four feet tall wooden structures. The top will be created out of plexiglass and will be removable in order to insert and remove text, images, video screens, and other two dimensional media. Once the top is replaced, it will be securely locked.  The GPS Kiosks will be placed in  different indoor locations whose populations vary with regards to race, income, and culture. The locations will include schools, senior living communities, churches, synagogues, public parks, community centers, and more. 

GPS Kiosks will not only build awareness but also will function as engaging community projects. The kiosks will exponentially grow the GPS audience and are an innovative approach to advertising and marketing. GPS is made by and for Greensboro, making it imperative that GPS includes as many Greensboro voices as possible. GPS Kiosks will provide access to the needs and desires of our community, and include them in our process. 


GPS Kiosk Examples

The GPS Kiosks are meant to be a structure for new and innovative ideas. The information within them will vary throughout the year, allowing a multitude of voices to contribute. The first three methods intended for the kiosks are as follows:


GPS Kiosk #1 will exist as a call for entry for different exhibitions to be housed at Greensboro Project Space. These will vary based on the curatorial framework of the projects, but will be a strategy to generate broader representation in GPS exhibitions. These calls will not only exist for ‘artists,’ but for makers, scientists, poets, musicians, dancers, historians, and other community members. GPS Staff will replace these calls monthly to continue outreach to interested voices throughout Greensboro.


GPS Kiosk #2 will exist as a suggestion box based on questions from different socially engaged artists throughout the country. Questions will circulate monthly, and the responses will act as data that will help steer the direction of GPS throughout the year. Examples of questions are: What does a community space look like to you? What are problems that you think should be made visible in your community? What are some of the reasons you would visit Downtown Greensboro?


GPS Kiosk #3 will exist as directions to GPS paired with the promise of a ‘prize.’ If participants successfully travel to GPS with a code provided from one of the GPS Kiosks, they will be rewarded with a prize. Prizes will change monthly, and will range in degree from a simple cup of coffee, to an invitation to have a solo exhibition.


GPS Kiosks have endless possibility in their function and intention. Other potential kiosk designs could include: kiosks that offer new cooking recipes each month, with an invitation to come serve them to your neighbors at GPS; a selection of music from a different parts of Greensboro to connect people from discrete places in our city; kiosks placed in food ‘deserts’ that have roadmaps provided by GPS to healthy food locations.