Prints by People Shaped Like Animals
Thursday, January 25, 2018
By Greensboro Project Space

August 25th-September 20th

Located at the Greensboro Science Center

4301 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455

During a four-day workshop about the Greensboro Science Center (GSC), seven students from UNCG's Greensboro Project Space used scientific research to explore art, and artistic research to explore science.  Researching something non-art related as an artist is an integral part of an artist's practice, and an important skill to develop.  During their visits to the GSC, each student had a research notebook that they used to compile drawings and writings about the animals, structures and conceptual make-up of the GSC.  The first day, the students watched the eclipse and talked about how natural phenomena can bring people together.  They then explored the social aspect of GSC and how animals and science intersect with community.  There was a special emphasis on the relationships between humans and animals, nature and culture, and how these relationships have changed over time.  This research culminated with a screen printing workshop and the exhibition available at the GSC.

Lauren Moran, Instructor

Lauren Moran is an artist from Portland, Oregon, who created interdisciplinary projects that are often participatory, collaborative and co-authored.  Taking the forms of conversation, publication, education, printmaking or curation, the work aims to experiment with and question the systems we are all embedded in by organizing situations of connection, openness and non-hierarchical learning.  They are interested in creating sites for accessibility and an expanded notion of institutional critique.


Keilea Hughes

Andrew King

Tessa King

Ingrid Lanser

Hailey Moody

Chauncey Pen II

Theo Perkins

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