Pareidolia, Cowboy Granule and THEE (abstractobjective)
Monday, May 06, 2019
By Greensboro Project Space


Christopher Thomas

April 22nd-May 3rd

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd 6pm - 8pm

Carefully chosen photographs catalyze ideas related to facture, color, and recall in works on paper that emphasize data corruption and memory.  A postcard image of mosaic from Ravenna for this artist, becomes a prototypical painting:  An ornate container of flowers, a sacred still life, physically constructed of small bits of color.  Another reference in this exhibition is the closely cropped photograph found in the liner notes of Neil Young’s (c.1970) record, “After the Gold Rush”, depicting worn, ornately mended, denim jeans.

Both citations are historical in broad cultural terms and also in more finely-grained, personal ways.  The abstract made objective in the form of bitmapped imagery facilitating a procedurally complex application of color by hand.  Mediated, serial and repetitive, endless variations arise according to each work’s distinct attitude, visual strategy and presence.  The ways in which a fixed image as a point of meditation can dissolve into ambiguity remains of great interest.
Tags: past
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