Mark Orgeron
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Greensboro Project Space


Mark Orgeron graduated from Nicholls State University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and drawing. He is currently working on his MFA at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.



This work is an installation drawing of the nude female figure‒my wife Andrea, and expressive mark-making, both are drawn directly onto the walls. The vocabulary of mark-making ranges from subtle rendering of form and figure to long sweeping strokes, which seeks to show the physicality and expression of drawing by recording my movements across the wall and her figure.

The process begins with two rendered figures physically separated on the wall. Several derivative figures are drawn between to create visual movement from one to the other. Her figure is worked and reworked pushing and pulling in and out of space. This process visually creates traces of our movements.

In this context, my work is an exploration of our intimacy and closeness. I seek to visually represent our relationship through the corresponding movement of her figure and my own as I trace across it. The creation of space by her figure and the occupancy by my own is recorded by the immediacy of drawing. Drawing works to simultaneously create both the her reality and my reality. The expression of emotions and the multiplicity of her figure and form balance on the threshold between obsession and passion.

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