I am not a Monster.
Monday, November 12, 2018
By Greensboro Project Space

I am not a Monster.
by Nicole Lawson Dance Projects


November 2nd, 8pm

November 3rd, 3pm

November 3rd, 8pm

A discussion with the choreographer and performers will follow each performance.


Tickets: can be purchased at the door or by visiting www.nicoledance.net/iamnotamonster

Recommended donation of $5-$20.

 Inspired by the fallout of the 2016 Election, "I am not a Monster." is an immersive dance-theatre experience that explores the ways that emotional abuse exist within a community and how that abuse affects those that live in it.. Created in collaboration between choreographer Nicole Lawson and the cast, "I am not a Monster." uses a blending of text and movement to create a series of vignettes that construct the narrative of Ryan, a young college student struggling to find her place within a community torn by polarization, prejudice, and implicit bias. Audience members will take a tour through the "Museum of Useless Efforts" where they will observe Ryan's story and have a chance to decide whether and where they see monsters. Be warned: the truth is scary.


About the Dance Company: Nicole Lawson Dance Projects (NLDP) is a project based dance company founded and directed by Nicole Lawson and based out of Kernersville, NC. Utilizing a creative process that combines socially focused dialogue and movement explorations, the NLDP creates works that explore the intersection of identity, social stigma, and the processes and experiences that instigate social change. NLDP seeks to offer audiences a glimpse of the ways that honest self-reflection and interrogation of assumptions can offer opportunities for dialogue and positive change.
Trigger Warning: This show deals with themes of racial prejudice, sexually assault, and homophobia. May be inappropriate for children under 12.
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