Eliot Feenstra Artist Talk
Friday, June 08, 2018
By Greensboro Project Space

Eliot Feenstra is passing through Greensboro and is doing an impromptu artist talk and workshop at GPS Thursday, June 7th at 7pm


Eliot Feenstra is a transgender artist, community-based theatre-maker, scholar, gardener, and witch. He is a recent transplant to Toronto from Oregon, where he has been living and building rural queer arts community and co-directing an intergenerational place-based performance project since 2012.

Drawing on training in clown, theatre, and contemporary dance, his work explores how we relate to the places we live, collective memory and dialogue as performance practices, wonder, and strategies for reducing remoteness.

Eliot has facilitated and curated performances, dialogues, and 24-hour performance festivals in Cave Junction, Portland, Chicago, and Berlin. He is currently a Master's student in Performance Studies at York University.

Photo credit to Anke Schüttler & Ryan Forsythe-Elder.

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