The Panty Project - 6 Days Art Truck at 17 Days Greensboro
Thursday, January 26, 2017
By UNCG Art Truck

Friday, September 23, 2016, 5-9pm

Artist Babette Shaw addresses subversive, oppressive systems of coercion that support the continuation of institutionalized patriarchal misogyny. Because women have been, and remain, the largest oppressed group—both within the U.S. and globally—she will offer an opportunity for women to share their stories and to participate in her ongoing work, “The Panty Project.” Through this exhibition and event she hopes to raise cultural and personal awareness, and to allow for healing.


"6 Days in Art Truck at 17 Days Greensboro" were six programs curated during 17 Days Greensboro in September, 2016. 17DAYS is a festival celebrating Greensboro's music, art, dance, theatre and more! With 100+ unique events over 17 days, there's something for everyone! Visit www.17daysgreensboro.org to learn more!

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