Music For Gas Stations: US Tour 21 to 29 July.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

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Music For Gas Stations, ensemBle baBel will embark on an drifting road trip in one van to visit gas stations. Responding and interacting with each gas station, they will create compositions, recordings, video works, road journals, radio broadcasts and more.

In reference to Ed Ruscha’s 26 gasoline stations, two ten-day tours to visit 26 gas stations.  USA (2016) and Europe (2017) and one show in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2018.


USA July 19-29 2016

The tour will start in New-York, head south to Greensboro, NC then meander through West Virginia, Ohio, Indianapolis and Detroit. 

Scheduled Stops: (sprinkled with random gas stations along the way)


Usually, the tour is a way for the musicians to lead from one place to the other.

In this case, it becomes the path and not the goal. The reality of the tour is the road.


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EnsemBle Babel

Band Members:

Anne Gillot
Noëlle Raymond
Luc Müller
Laurent Estoppey
Antonio Albanese

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