The City Billboard

Coming Soon!

Greensboro Project Space (GPS) and The Forge recently received a grant from ActionGreensboro to create a large-scale LED marquee for our rooftop on the Anvil Building. Highly visible on the corner of Eugene Street/Gate City Boulevard intersection, 36,000 daily commuters will be greeted with a rotation of surprisingly uplifting, humorous and thought-provoking texts pieces as they enter downtown Greensboro.  This billboard marquee will positively impact the landscape, connect people through art and Spark! the imagination of our city.


Over 36,000 people pass by The Forge/GPS each day. The main goal of this project is to give local, regional, and international artists a platform to reach the largest audience possible in Greensboro. The street is also the gateway into downtown Greensboro. This project will be a benefit to the growing cultural scene of the downtown area and its masses by acting as a beacon to attract a diverse audience.


South Elm is growing rapidly. This development has happened so fast that we feel we need to make a big statement to alert people as to the amazing opportunities in our part of town. The LED Marquee will not only be a benefit to the Forge and GPS but to business like HQ, Gibbs, Elsewhere, VCM Studio, and many many more. This project will be a gift to all of South Elm organizations and will act as an affirmation of our additions to the cultural landscape of Greensboro.